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I admire highly skilled people. People with amazing skills. Kristen White is such a person.

I recognize that there are some valuable beyond my skills which are very important for small business owners. What is valuable?

In the spirit of the Summer action movies like Avengers or Thor or Hulk, I was asked by a friend “If you could have any superpower, what would you want?”.

I can admit to you that I want the ability to create great content. Great Videos, Great Copy that engage and connect with people.

That would be my desired superpower.. to make money, grant jobs, change people’s lives with words. Spoken and written.

Kristen White has that power. Sign up and learn from the best!

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Discover How You Can Quickly and Easily Become a
Celebrity Media Expert, Gain More Customers and Make More Money

Than You’ve Ever Made Before


If you’re on this site, then you’ve probably given up trying
to be a superhero. You’ve discovered that your current abilities don’t allow
you to attract dozens of new clients, reach large groups of prospects, and add
a significant amount of revenue to your bottom line in a single bound.

But what if…

What if you were able to become a celebrity media expert?
What "power" would you possess then?

Join Kristen White for a special webinar where she

  • Why
    now is the best time for you to become a celebrity media expert

  • The
    myths about becoming a celebrity

  • Challenges
    "others" face when trying to build their expert status

  • The 5
    steps for influencing the media

  • The
    fast track to your celebrity expert success

Ultimately, you’ll learn what being a celebrity can do to
quickly and effectively grow your business. When you attend the webinar, you’ll
see what others have done to achieve their own success and you’ll learn the
path they took to become celebrity experts in their industries.

Registration is limited and spots are given on a first come,
first serve basis, so be sure to sign up today!