Small Business Growth Recipe

There is a collection of powerful techniques and tools that grow businesses. Websites, email, lists ,messages, video, direct mail,events, etc. Many business owners do not know how to assemble them into a money making machine. There is a proven way. We know it.

Most business owners are frustrated because they know others winning using this new marketing but can’t quite understand how it works. You use websites and email and video and everything useful. It all is assembled into one sales and marketing system. Few web developers understand it. Few copywriters understand it. We do.

We have a special event to help grow small businesses a “Stop the Talking and Get it Done” event.

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“The Secret Weapon of fast growing Businesses: The Strategic Marketing Blueprint”.

    You know that the keys to success are:
  • Developing a good plan.
  • Executing the plan.
  • Measuring it’s effectiveness.
  • Modifying and adapting the plan.

It sounds like a lot of work but really it can be done. It is the most valuable work. You can do to grow your business. You should do it now, so we want to make it easier for you. We recently were at an event where in 48 hours 25 businesses planned their marketing process and implemented it in 48 hours. We helped these businesses. We saw it done. They used our proven tools and techniques.

  • We helped build the plans (based upon best practices and their unique business models).
  • We executed the plans.
  • We put measurement in place.

All in 2 days so we know with focus, skills and tools it can be done.

We saw how it jumped started businesses. Instead of months of expert work, just days. Content planned, developed and brought live!

    You need an effective marketing system. To make it you have two choices:
  1. Do it yourself OR
  2. Have it done for you.

We can help either way. Only getting it done makes you money and changes anything.

You must build a system for finding the right clients, engaging them, selling them, serving them. You need a system better than your competitors system. You must use new techniques and execute better to win.

You can do it! Build your Money Making System.

We have several resources for you to help improve your business.

First, Assess where you are by signing up for a ‘Web Marketing Assessment. The road ahead is defined by your plans, your customers and your competitors so let’s overlay them to find opportunity.

Second, We offer mapping tools to you on one condition that you introduce us to 3 business owner friends.

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and as a thank you we will provide you the tools for mapping.

Third, We offer a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation

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Fourth, If you want to cut to the front of the line and start deploying the most powerful marketing automation tool “Infusionsoft” or just learn more about it,

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Finally, our Concentrated Instant Marketing session at our Vista CA office. Experts work with you to plan and build your marketing system in a focused intensive campaign. Click to learn more

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